On Friday, April 17, Fazl Sabzel, a Baluchi fuel carrier surrounded by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) along the Iran-Pakistan border, died of hunger and thirst. Hundreds of Baluchi fuel carriers have long been under siege in the scorching heat, with no water or food and no shelter in that region since a week ago. The IRGC has blocked the highway to prevent transporting fuel in the border area.

The livelihood of most people in this area on both sides of the border depends on fuel business. The denial of access to these citizens, intended to enable the IRGC to monopolize fuel sales has adversely affected their lives.

Last February, the IRGC tried to block the transfer of fuel by Baluchi fuel carriers by erecting barriers and digging large holes on the highway, which were met with widespread protests. The IRGC opened fire on the fuel carriers and the people who came to their aid, killing dozens of protesters and injuring scores more. Dozens of fuel trucks were also set on fire by the Guards.

Source » ncr-iran