No one doubts that the Iranian regime loots the people’s wealth and invests that money for its malign activities around the world. But what is astonishing is that regime officials have no respect for the people and hurt them more and more with their strange acts and expressions.

Only after that, they are faced with the people’s anger, are they forced to sit back from their decisions. If someone looks at other countries and compares it with the behaviors of this regime will see that this is the only country which even in the critical situation does not care about the people and think only about itself.

One of these insults is the disgusting interest-free loan (about $ 60) of the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani for the people.

On the State TV news channel, he said: “This loan is no longer the same as we announced before. This loan will be given to the people. This loan is one million tomans in the form of an interest-free loan and the debates that took place were about how much the profit would be and how it would be, and 12 percent and so on, these were taken over by the government in this meeting, which will be paid by the government.

“People who want to use the loan should announce, announce by SMS, because the money, which is paid in the form of a loan, is then paid in May, in July this will be gradually reduced from their subsidies. That is, their May subsidy will be paid. Their June subsidy will be paid. And from the July subsidy, a certain amount will be deducted monthly. Because of the one million loans that have been paid, in the form of an interest-free loan, the amount that will be withdrawn from July onwards from the subsidy is about 35,000 tomans per month, which will be withdrawn.”

This is how the regime is helping the people is such a critical situation. On 13 April, Eshaq Jahangiri regime’s first vice president present the regime’s respect to the people and said to them, “People should help the poor”.

This sentence was so hideous that the state-run website Bartarinha wrote with the title, “Mr. Jahangiri, the poor people are looking at the hands of the government” and said: “Yesterday, said Eshaq Jahangiri said something that he had a lot of reflection. ‘People should help the poor.’ We’ve heard a lot of such irresponsible statements over the years, but ugly repetition isn’t going to make it normal.”

And added: “Jahangiri either does not know or does not want to know that governments were created to control, regulate and balance if, in the midst of any crisis, the government’s hand is extended to the nation, what is the need to accept the government’s upper hand?” (Bartarinha, 14 April 2020)

Another disrespect of the people was the remark of the regime’s spokesperson of the government Ali Rabiei, who said about the easing the restrictions and the ending of the quarantine, “The mortality rate from poverty due to restrictive economic policies (quarantine) will not be comparable to the death rate from corona.”.

“The government’s strategy, as it has been repeated many times, is to maintain the health and well-being of the people at the heart of this strategy, and at the same time to promote people’s daily lives and livelihoods based on health and health-based protocols.”

These remarks left no place for any comment. Just we should have a look at the real numbers of the mortality because of the coronavirus and the of the regimes. While now after about four months of the coronavirus outbreak the regime’s Parliamentary Research Center said, “that the actual death toll from Corona is 1.8 times that of the Ministry of Health.” (Eghtesad News, 15 April)

In another article, the state-run website mocked the regime’s acts and said: “Meanwhile, a member of the House of Representatives announced a 15 percent increase in MPs’ salaries in 2020, while the Japanese lawmakers agreed in a concerted effort to reduce their salaries by 20 percent to counter the Corona crisis and empathize with the people.” (Bartarinha, 15 April 2020)

Reflecting the regime’s real fear are the remarkable comments of its Interior Minister Rahmani Fazli on 13 April: “To manage the media space a Security Council has been organized. For the security situation now and post-corona, all organizations gave their information. Guidelines have been developed for security conditions and have been carefully developed to signal events.”

Source » irannewsupdate