Politicians and Iranian communities from over 1000 locations in Europe and Canada took part in an online conference this weekend about the coronavirus crisis in Iran, which has killed 32,000 people as of writing.

The participants expressed concern over how the pandemic was being treated in Iran, where there are no plans for an extended lockdown and no help being offered to the Iranian people with regard to economic or healthcare needs. In fact, the regime seems more concerned with meeting their own needs.

Dowlat Nowruzi, the British representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), explained that the rush to send people back to work, following an insufficient lockdown, means that the poor are the main target of the coronavirus in Iran.

While David Jones, Member of Parliament for Clwyd West in the UK, said: “They are trying to use this catastrophe, which is a direct result of their incompetence and cruelty, as an excuse to dismantle [international] sanctions. The Iranian regime’s chief apologist, Javad Zarif, says that because of sanctions, Iranian medical staffs cannot treat the patients and they cannot protect themselves. However, the regime officials, including the health minister, have said on several occasions that they do not need any equipment to fight against coronavirus. Meanwhile, the regime also expels the Doctors without borders organization who wanted to set up a temporary hospital in Isfahan.”

Indeed, the regime does not care about the Iranian people, having recently shot dead 1,500 unarmed protesters, they just care about keeping control.

Sir Alan Meale, a former member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe from the UK, said that the Iranian people are suffering because of the regime’s “incompetence and inadequacy” and the mullahs’ support for spending billions on warmongering and terrorism across the Middle East and the world.

Vahideh Khuramroudi, the member of the Iranian-Canadian community in Canada, said: “We know regime gives false figures and spends billions of dollars for other use than its people. It does not use resources for the nation but on suppression guards and proxies.”

British MP Bob Blackman agreed with this, noting that the regime is “well known for duping everyone… to maintain power at all costs” and that the regime is “taking advantage of the coronavirus”. He warned against lifting sanctions because this would only benefit the Revolutionary Guards, who control most of Iran’s economy.

Otto Bernhardt, a former member of the German Federal and the President of Solidarity Committee for Free Iran, echoed this.
He said: “Germany and Europe should tell the International Monetary Fund that if you want to help the Iranian people deal with Corona, the only way is to help independently and under international supervision and not through corrupt clerics.”

While others foretold a great uprising after this pandemic with the Iranian people overthrowing the mullahs; something that the regime is terrified of.

Vida Nicktalan, from the Iranian community in Germany, said: “In these difficult days we support the Iranian resistance and our compatriots inside Iran. We understand your pain and suffering which has multiplied. We constantly follow news and our hearts ache when we hear the suppression of mullah.”

German politician Thomas Nord said: “A society that becomes aware of its power becomes very dangerous for the dictatorship. So, the coronavirus pandemic can be the doom for mullahs. In this situation, the Iranian Resistance is the best friend of the people in difficult times.”

While Jones said: “We must support the Iranian people’s desire for overthrowing this wicked regime and establishing a free and democratic country. Only then Iran and the whole world will be a better place.”

Source » themediaexpress