The Iranian regime’s Coronavirus Control Task Force is not really supposed to tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, but rather bend the facts in order to defend the mullahs’ criminal mishandling of the crisis and this is becoming more apparent every day.

On April 19, during a Task Force session, the regime’s president Hassan Rouhani gloated over his “smart distancing plan”, which after a short and barely noticeable quarantine period, meant that Iranians were sent back to work this month, even though the virus has not been contained.

Rouhani quoted the false statistics provided by the Health Ministry as evidence that his plan has seen a reduction in COVID-19 cases in some provinces and a stabilization in others. He argued that since quarantines were lifted, there has been no spike in cases and that deaths and critical cases have reduced, but you can use fake statistics to prove anything you like.

Rouhani was contradicted by other members of the Task Force who appear to have reached their limit for the number of lies that it is possible to tell. Alireza Zali, who is the head of the Task Force in Tehran, warned that coronavirus admissions into the intensive care units were up 7% in the capital and that there were 91 coronavirus ICU admissions in just one day.

It’s not even just other officials that Rouhani is contradicting, but himself. He says that things are normalizing and that businesses can reopen if they follow health protocols, but then he recommends people stay home. So, why would businesses reopen if no one is allowed to come there?

It is clear that the regime has no solution. The only thing they are interested in is preserving their rule, even if it costs the Iranian people their lives. The regime weighed up protecting the Iranian people against ensuring that the regime remains in power and the mullahs remain rich. As always, the Iranian people lost.

The regime is going to extraordinary lengths to cover up the truth, even covering up deaths of officials and security forces. But because of the vast differences between what Rouhani is saying and what the evidence supports, many officials have ended up making (accidental) confessions.

Chairman of the Tehran City Council Mohsen Hashemi said: “The number of Corona victims in the country is much higher than the official number.”

Of course, the biggest thorn in the regime’s plans is the real death toll that is being released by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) on a daily basis.

The opposition leader Mrs. Maryam Rajavi said: “In recent days, the regime’s Health Ministry officials are clumsily mimicking the European countries, where the death toll has actually decreased, and are announcing figures dictated by the mullahs’ supreme leader Ali Khamenei. But one cannot deceive the public by engineering the figures, just as the Iranian people did not believe Hassan Rouhani’s claim that he had been unaware of the spread of Coronavirus to Iran until February 19, 2020.”

Source » irannewsupdate