Hebei Qunbang Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 , It is the one chemical company that produce coal coking products and refractory material in Hebei province.

(April, 2020) – Despite U.S. Government sanctions on Al Mahdi Aluminium pursuant to Executive Order 13871 for operating in the iron, steel, aluminum or copper sectors of Iran on January 10,2020, China-based company Hebei Qunbang Chemical Company offers as they say business relationship.

Does Hebei Qunbang Chemical Company want to engage in business with Iranian companies that are involved in production of weapons of mass destruction and missiles projects in favor of Iranian regime?

Offer from Hebei Qunbang Chemical Company to Al Mahdi Aluminum:

ifmat - Al Mahdi Aluminum - Hebei Qunbang Chemical