Sources told the Lebanese newspaper “An-Nahar” on Sunday that die Hezbollah Houthi elements in To store in Bekaa and trained in the south.

According to the newspaper’s sources, die official Lebanese authorities and security forces informed that die Hezbollah Houthi fighters in their camps in the north and south of Bekaa, but the state and die Those affected paid no attention to these questions.

Hezbollah denied its interference in not Yemen. Your general secretary Hassan Nasrallah resigned in more than one view its support for die Houthis and viewed Yemen as part of his “resistance project” in of the region.

Green light

Iran gave Hezbollah the green light to die Houthis as part of their interventionist policy in assisting the countries of the region by lending his military expertise to the Houthi Group in order to die to combat legitimate forces.

This support included die military training from Hezbollah experts in Yemen as well die Training of Houthi elements in Camp in Lebanon, in Syria and Iraq.

Regarding this role in Yemen, an expert stated for die Yemeni file that refused to be named, in an earlier statement that die Hezbollah is a major player in Yemen. Iran relied heavily on it die Train Houthis to fight based on their military experience as the oldest armed militia. Connected to Iran in the region, in addition to its “strong” and ancient relationship with the Iranian leadership as opposed to other militias. “

He also pointed out that “die Hezbollah show the Houthis their military expertise in has made four areas available: “

1- Planning, especially strategically, there die Hezbollah provided its expertise through military operation planning training. In this context, the Lebanese expert did not rule out that “Hezbollah fighters were at the forefront at the beginning of the Yemeni war to carry out military operations alongside the Houthis”.

2- Field training, such as the use of IEDs and anti-tank missiles and die Managing cross-border operations as well as fighting a superior enemy as its members die Houthis trained to fight an enemy who is superior to their military and logistical skills and who controls the Yemeni airspace.

3- Military media, there die Role of Hezbollah in this area through die Training of workers in the media sector through die Instruction in Courses and their subsequent completion.
Documents on military websites

It also limited itself die Hezbollah’s role is not just on die training in the “war media”, but their fingerprints appeared in support of the media machine.

since die Houthi militia in September 2014 die Has taken control of Sanaa die Hezbollah die Houthi media machine from the channels “Al-Masirah” and “Al-Sahat” of a left Yemeni movement, die die Militias supported, as well as other channels and news sites taken over.

The Yemeni and die Saudi government gave in repeatedly known in recent years that they had found video recordings and documents at military sites, die were under the control of the Houthis die Confirm Hezbollah participation in the fighting and that their participation is on die Time goes back before the conquest of Sana. a.

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