While the Iranian people are struggling with the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, which has deeply affected their daily life mostly their insignificant incomes, the regime is playing with missile and send satellites to space and wasting the wealth of the people which is most needed in this situation.

And parallel to this action the regime is playing the role of the oppressed, who is affected by the sanctions and has no money for medicine and goods. But its actions show something else.

Now the regime is faced with global reactions which are the right response to its malign activities to wasting the resources of the people and destabilizing the region.

Fifty-one former senior US officials and Iranian affairs experts signed a letter to President Trump on 22 April and said:

“We write to express our strong opposition to providing sanctions relief to the Islamic Republic of Iran, until and unless the regime ceases its sponsorship of terrorism, dismantles its nuclear and missile programs, releases all American hostages, removes its forces from other countries in the Middle East, and ends its relentless abuse of the Iranian people.

“As you know, U.S. sanctions neither target nor prevent the supply of food, medicine, or medical devices to Iran. Even so, knowing that the regime’s track record of diverting humanitarian products has made outside firms wary of selling Iran such goods, your administration established a dedicated humanitarian financial channel and issued a general license to help companies and banks reduce their risk.

“Moreover, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has access to billions of dollars in his own business empire – money was stolen from the Iranian people. Billions more are available in Iran’s sovereign wealth fund, which Khamenei has tapped in recent months to fund the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, nuclear expansion, and human rights abuses.

“With reports that Tehran continues to plot attacks targeting U.S. forces, now is the time to double down on the maximum pressure campaign to force the mullahs to spend their money on the Iranian people, not their nuclear ambitions, imperialism, and internal oppression.”

Germany’s foreign minister reacts to the regime’s missile lunch and in a tweet wrote:

“We are concerned about reports of an allegedly successful launch of a military satellite. Our position is well known: the missile program has a destabilizing effect on the region and is also unacceptable from the point of view of our European security interests.”

UK’s foreign office on 24 April released a statement following the launch of the satellite lunch, which is using ballistic missile technology and said:

“Reports that Iran has carried out a satellite launch – using ballistic missile technology – are of significant concern and inconsistent with UN Security Council Resolution 2231. The UN has called upon Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons. Iran must abide by this.

“We have significant and longstanding concerns, alongside our international partners, over Iran’s ballistic missile program, which is destabilizing for the region and poses a threat to regional security.”

US National security Council in a tweet reacted and wrote:

France on Thursday condemned Iran’s launch of a military satellite into orbit, saying this was in contravention of a U.N. Security Council resolution, according to the Foreign Ministry.

“The Iranian ballistics program is a major concern for regional and international security. It contributes to the destabilization of the region and the rise in tensions,” it said.

And at least the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo in a press conference on 22 April on this subject said:

“The Iranians have consistently said that these missile programs were disconnected from their military, that these were purely commercial enterprises. I think today’s launch proves what we’ve been saying all along here in the United States: The IRGC, a designated terrorist organization, launched a missile today.

“And all the while they are launching satellites, driving ships around the Arabian Gulf, coming and harassing U.S. naval vessels. They continue to underwrite Shia militias, they’re working to support Hizballah. Yesterday my Iranian counterpart – or the day before – was in Syria talking to the butcher in Damascus.

“I hope that the Iranian regime will respond to the Iranian people’s demands to prioritize resources, resources that the Iranian regime clearly has, to the health and security and safety of the Iranian people, rather than continuing their global terror campaign. You can see they’re still hard at it. You can see they still have resources.”

Source » irannewsupdate