On Saturday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched a new attack against Iran, stressing that its space program is not of a peaceful nature and poses a threat to the world.

Pompeo described Iran’s continued insistence over the years that its space program is peaceful and civil, as “allegations that the administration of President Donald Trump has never trusted.”

He continued: “The launch by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which is on the list of foreign terrorist organizations, is a military satellite this week, confirming what we have said repeatedly, which is that Iran’s space program is not peaceful and not entirely civil.”

Pompeo stressed that the latest launch indicates that the statements of Iranian Communications Minister Javad Azari Jahrami, and the head of the Iranian Space Agency, Mortaza Berari, that the peacefulness and transparency of their country’s space program, are only ‘false’ statements.

He said that the missile that was launched recently and its predecessors includes technologies used in ballistic missiles, including intercontinental missiles, adding that these capabilities are used only for carrying nuclear warheads.

Pompeo called on “all peace-loving countries” in the world to reject Iran’s development of technologies that might be used in ballistic missiles and unite efforts to curb “Iran’s dangerous missile programs.”

Source » almasdarnews