In an interview with Al Jazeera, Rezaei dismissed as part of a propaganda campaign the US president’s recent threat that the US navy will fire at the IRGC’s boats.

All American military bases across the region are under surveillance, he emphasized, warning the US that if Iran’s national security is put in jeopardy, those bases will be hit with missiles.

He further said that a UN arms embargo on Iran is going to end soon, stressing that after lifting of the embargo, nobody could prevent Iran from purchasing conventional weapons.

The stances adopted by the US and the European Union on the removal of the arms embargo are not binding and Iran will not heed them, secretary of the Expediency Council stressed.

He also criticized certain Arab states for paying ransom to the US, saying those countries oppose whatever plan and initiative proposed by Iran and insist on hostility toward the Islamic Republic.

Source » tasnimnews