Amnesty International has issued an urgent warning about the imminent execution of Reza (Gholamreza) Rasaei, a 34-year-old protester sentenced to death by the Iranian regime. They demand an immediate halt to the execution.

Amnesty describes the trial of Rasaei, a Kurdish Yarsani, as “severely unfair.” They allege his death sentence was based on “forced confessions obtained under torture and ill-treatment.”

On May 1st, Amnesty International wrote to the head of the regime’s judiciary, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Eje’i, demanding:

Immediate halt to Reza Rasaei’s execution
Dismissal of all charges
Release of Reza Rasaei

Multiple human rights organizations raise “numerous doubts” about the case and the death sentence, citing “the judge’s knowledge” as justification.

Amnesty reports that Rasaei, detained during the 2022 nationwide protests, was subjected to “enforced disappearance” for the first four months of his imprisonment. These protests erupted following the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of the regime’s morality police.

During his detention, Rasaei allegedly endured torture including “beating,” “electric shock,” “suffocation,” “sexual violence,” and solitary confinement.

Arrested in Sahneh city, Kermanshah province, Rasaei was sentenced to death for the alleged murder of Nader Birami, the city’s intelligence chief. The sentence was upheld by the regime’s Supreme Court. Rasaei maintains his innocence.

Amnesty warned of the execution risk in February after the Supreme Court rejected Rasaei’s appeal. A source close to his family told Dadban:

“The risk of executing this prisoner’s death sentence has greatly increased in the coming days.”
“Article 477 objection has been registered for months, but no response is given.”
“The victim’s family is not seeking revenge and doubts Rasaei’s guilt. However, they have no say and are referred to the IRGC.”

Human rights groups and activists have consistently warned about the potential execution of political prisoners like Rasaei, Mojahed Korkur, Habib Driis, Abbas Driis, and recently, imprisoned rapper Tomaj Salehi.

The Iranian Resistance demands the suspension and cancellation of Rasaei’s and other political prisoners’ death sentences, urging the international community to adopt a “decisive and stable policy” to stop executions in Iran.

Since February, political prisoners have participated in “Black Tuesdays,” a hunger strike held every Tuesday in protest against the wave of executions. Despite international and domestic condemnation, the regime continues to execute prisoners.

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