General Aziz Nasirzadeh, the deputy chairman of the chiefs of staff of the Iranian armed forces, announced on Wednesday that the Army and Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) are planning joint military exercises. The general highlighted that the IRGC and Army are not separate entities, as each force performs different assigned missions. Nasirzadeh emphasized that the policies of the chiefs of staff of the armed forces are aligned, and both the Army and IRGC operate under the banner of the Leader of the Revolution. He stated that the unity of the armed forces is what makes Iran’s deterrence power strong.

Nasirzadeh added that in the past, guests from both sides have participated in Army or IRGC exercises. However, the plan is to define and plan exercises jointly with the presence of both the Army and IRGC units. He cited a joint exercise with Russia and China in which the Iranian navy was composed of both the Army and IRGC. The general also mentioned the coordinated naval exercises in the northern Indian Ocean, where the armed forces of Iran, China, and Russia conducted various tactics and operations, including the rescue of hijacked vessels.

The joint military exercises indicate a strong alliance between the Iranian armed forces. The participation of both the Army and IRGC in these exercises highlights their coordinated efforts to maintain Iran’s military readiness and strengthen its deterrence power.

Source » menafn