George Sabra: Iran Regime Is Main Source of Massacre of Syrian People

At the time that Russians plan to create four safe zones in Syria, George Sabra member of the High Syrian opposition Negotiating Commission in an interview with Sky News TV about the possible role of Iran as a guarantor and retainer of these secure areas explained: Secure areas needs buffer forces. If we must rely on Iranian regime’s troops as buffer force, this will be totally rejected by militant groups. The High Syrian opposition Negotiating Commission added: Iranian regime and its factional militia groups in Syria are the main front in slaughtering Syrians and we would in no way accept them to play a buffer force in Syrian conflict.

He said: We do have many concerns. Because Iranian regime does not hide its role. Therefore, it is not possible for them to play the role of mediator or guarantor. That regime is practically in the trenches of enemy against Syrian people. How one can trust IRGC or Ghasem Soleimani to play the role a mediator or guarantor in the current war amongst Syrian revolution and a totalitarian regime which Iranian regime’s authorities had supported the continuation of such regime with their money and forces? This is naturally for benefits of the Iranian regime in the region. Because Syria is a platform for spread of this regime in the entire region.

It should be noted that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour commander of IRGC ground forces about sending troops to Syria, on Monday, May 1st said: Iranian regime intends to send troops in support of the Assad’s regime to Syria. He said: “We have sent and are sending experienced fighters of Iran-Iraq war time or experienced individual fighters who served in SE and NW regions of Iran as war advisors to Syria. We are going to do so as long as needed; When are we talking about advisors, one should not expect talking of 4-5 people”.

Source: / ncr-iran /

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