IRGC commander hiding behind fake name as CEO of Tehran soccer club

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Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting

In addition to preserving the system of the Velayate Faqih in Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has carried out various malicious activities, including overseas assassinations in its 40-year existence.

Guards Commanders involved in international terrorism, assassinations and crimes against humanity, are now active not only in military and security posts, but also in economic, social, cultural, sports and drug trafficking spheres.

Recently, a renowned former Iranian soccer player and former head of Tehran’s SAIPA Soccer Club revealed that a former Guards commander who carried out numerous assassinations of dissidents overseas had changed his identity to replace him as the CEO of Tehran soccer club (SAIPA).

After being replaced as the head of Saipa by “Mostafa Modabar”, former soccer player Ali Daie, who headed the soccer club for 12 years, said in a press conference that Mostafa Modabar was actually a pseudonym for IRGC commander Ghafour Darjezi.

“First of all, Mr. Mostafa Modabar does not exist for me, and I do not even know a real person by that name. Since I knew him from when he headed the Protection Department of the IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) he was Sardar Ghafour (Commander Ghafour). I wish there was someone here from the National Organization for Civil Registration and I would ask them because it’s interesting that someone can change their first and last name. The Civil Registration has to answer as to whether you can change your golden past and your personality and many other things by changing your name,” Ali Daie said.

By mentioning Ghafour Darjezi’s “golden past”, Daie is implying that he is fully aware of the IRGC commander’s terrorist past and assassination operations.

Who is Sardar Ghafour

Sardar Ghafour Darjezi, now known as Mostafa Modabar, was a member of the dreaded IRGC Qods Corps who were responsible for a crackdown against dissidents in northern Iran during the 80’s.

According to reports, Sardar Ghafour was also personally involved in the assassination of Abdol Rahman Qassemlou, the Secretary General of the Democratic Party of Iran’s Kurdistan in a restaurant in Germany. After the assassination in July 1989, despite strong evidence proving the role of Iran’s agents in the killing of Kurd dissident leaders, Austrian police and authorities released Darjezi and his partners in crime, who promptly returned to Iran.

Ghafour was also involved in the assassination of Mohammad Hossein Naghdi, the Italy representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. He headed logistics and was the scene commander during the March 1993 assassination and worked under the pseudonym “Mansour Bozorgian”.

As Amir Mansour Bozorgian and Mostafa Modabar, Darjezi was given posts such as the Executive Secretariat of the Supreme Security Council, head of the IRIB’s Protection Department, Chairman of the state-run radio and television Trade Union, and Secretary General of the Protection Department of the regime’s parliament.

It seems that the IRGC’s proscription by the US as a foreign terrorist organization can be a starting point for the disclosure of numerous elements of the IRGC currently hiding behind fake identities in Iran and around the world.

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