In early May, Afghan officials announced that the Iranian regime’s forces have captured Afghan workers and threw 50 of them in a river after torturing them.

“Afghan workers were tortured by Iranian Revolutionary Guards with ‘shovels and pliers,’ and they threw them into the river at gunpoint,” an Afghan official acknowledged.

“Afghan workers entered the territory of Iran and were arrested by the border forces inside the Salehabad region. First, forces broke the workers’ arms and legs with a stick, and then they threw 50 people into the water,” said Abdul Ghani Nouri, Governor of Golran, Herat Province, Afghanistan.

On the same day that the Afghan workers were brutally thrown into the water, the regime’s President Hassan Rouhani spoke of the authorities’ kindness and free treatment of immigrants. “While we are treating coronavirus patients, we do not look at their nationality either they are Iranians or non-Iranians. We do not consider their religion… We see all patients same and even we treat foreign citizens for free,” the state-run T.V. broadcasted Rouhani’s claims.

One of the survivors provided moving testimony about the Iranian regime’s crime. “They beat and harassed us. Then they kicked us out in the morning. They rode us in a vehicle and took us to the sea. There was a home and the owner did not allow them to throw us into the sea. Later [guards] transferred us to another place and threw us into the sea. There was no one,” the survivor said.

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