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Mohammad Reza Ashtiani

Mohammad Reza Ashtiani

National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company

National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company

“The reasons why the United States is concerned about Iran’s ability to buy conventional arms is that the United States fears Iran from rebuilding its air force. With three or four dozens Russian SU 35 aircraft, Iran would have a credible air defense capability and a high speed platform for delivering ordnance,” IRNA quoted him as saying in an exclusive interview published on Sunday.

Duff said, “The United States’ pilots have never faced an air to air enemy since Vietnam, meaning no American pilots have any experience with air combat.”

He added, “This weakness, the United States having an air force used only for bombing occupied countries or increasingly dependent on drones, is the United States’ weakness.”

Defense Minister Amir Hatami said in January that Iran is powerful enough to respond to any aggression and threat by the enemies.

“Thank God, today the Islamic Republic has all the necessary components of power and determination to respond to any aggressor and will respond to any threat at any level with high quality defensive weapons,” he said.

Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Ashtiani, the deputy chief of staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, said in February that Iran’s current situation in terms of military power is better than any other time.

He added that the country’s power is now sustainable.

Source » tehrantimes

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