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Risk Alert – Entity in a problematic sector - Sector controlled by the Top Alert entities

The Az Filter company offers a full range of Air, Oil, Fuel, Air Filter and Radiators and Peg products, both in cars and industry. These products meet the highest quality requirements and are designed to meet modern engine needs;

According to the official website of Radiator Iran, Az Filter from Armenia is official business partner of Radiator Iran;

Shareholders of Radiator Iran are: Sazeh Gostar Company, SAIPA, Tadbir Group, Sayeh Gostar Sarmayeh Investment Company and Sepah Investment Company – These entities are owned and controlled by the Iran Regime, Terrorist Organization – IRGC and Supreme Leader of Iran;

IRGC, Supreme Leader and Iran Regime uses Radiator Iran company income to finance terrorism and build weapon of mass destruction;

According to the official website of Az Filter Company – “www.az-filter.com” – They have another business partner in Iran – LLC “Tasco Iran” with address: No/56 , Saba building , Kashani st , Tehran , Iran;

Despite U.S. sanctions on Iran Regime, regime sponsor for terrorist organization, terrorist attacks, building weapons of mass destruction and threating to destroy other countries, Az Filter from Azerbaijan continues to work with Iran;

Also Known As:
Az Filter Company


Azadliq 185, Binagadi, Baku, Azerbaijan

994 12 4128713


[email protected]

Reason for the color:
» Business Partners of Radiator Iran;

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