Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of deploying and storing “dangerous weapons” in Syria to destroy Israel.

“They are now seeking to deploy dangerous weapons in Syria to achieve a certain end – destroying us,” Netanyahu said during a visit to Cyprus.

Israel has recently targeted several posts in Syria, claiming they were Iranian military bases. The attacks resulted in the death of several Iranian military officials. The last attack was carried out last night.

Israel has not officially claimed responsibility for the attacks, but there are indications to suggest it is responsible. Following last night’s attack Israel called thousands of its reserve soldiers to the northern front along the borders with Syria.

Russia condemned last week’s attack on the T-4 military drone base in Damascus, when a number of Iranian military officials were killed.

Since the attack on the T-4 base Israel has been afraid of Iranian retaliation. Israel’s fear of an imminent Iranian attack increased after Trump’s announcement that the United States had withdrew from Iran’s nuclear deal, which it described as a “courageous” measure.

Source » middleeastmonitor