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The Khorramshahr missile is classic Iran—vintage Soviet technology adapted by another country, and then again upgraded and tweaked by Iran. This makes the Khorramshahr a copy… of a copy. North Korea has been a steadfast exporter of weapons to Iran and that is where Tehran first got its hands on the adapted Soviet missile.

Far Reach—and Far-reaching Consequences

Iran’s missile arsenal is massive and represents perhaps the largest and most capable missile collection in the Middle East today. Though Iran is not a nuclear power, some of the country’s more capable missiles could hit not only Israel, but parts of Eastern and southern Europe (including some NATO countries), the western edge of China, most of India, and virtually the entire Middle East as well.

Yet Iran claims its Khorramshahr missile can’t shoot as far as some experts think. Speculation as to why its derivative’s range is so much less have centered on the Khorramshahr’s road-mobile maneuverability on the ground, thanks to its smaller size.

Some arms experts have simply said that Iran may be inaccurately reporting the Khorramshahr’s range so as to not worry European countries that would otherwise lie in the Khorramshahr’s crosshairs.

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