Senior internal sources at Instex provided the following alarming information:

The Organization has a policy of taking bribes and “payments under the table” which is major part of its goals to establish a financial tool to support European entities to bypasses American sanctions on Iran.

The person in charge of the above-mentioned conduct is Mr. Per Fischer, Former senior member of Commerzbank acting as the regional manager of CCE, which was fined in the past for breeching U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Fischer receives “personal payments” in order to approve the acceptance of entities interested to take part in the Instex mechanism as shareholders.

In addition, there were irregularities in collecting donations and contributions which evidently did not reach its final destination intended for the sole use of the organization.

Some of the donation funds are managed through bank accounts formed in Belarus and Ukraine under the control of Fischer.

Further information indicates there are many disputes regarding the pricing of the commissions Instex should charge its potential customers for their activity and services provided by Instex, mainly due to competition between itself and the official banking system.

Furthermore, Instex is unable to reach an agreement with the shareholders (the potential partners) regarding the distribution of the expected profits from the planned activity, mainly because Fischer needs a significant profit analysis in order to serve also its “personal needs” as stated above.

In light of the information received regarding Instex and Mr. Per Fischer, we call upon an immediate criminal investigation to shed light on the alleged suspicions.

In addition we request full transparency in respect of all management activities and individual persons which form INSTEX board.