Mr. Per Fischer heading the controversial INSTEX mechanism intended to support Iran to avoid US sanctions regarding their nuclear program, has lowered his public appearance profile.

A former partner remarked Fischer had “pulled back” in light of his alleged illicit behavior which includes bribery taking (in house) and assistance to Iranian regime elements including terror entities as IRGC (directly) and Hizballah (indirectly).

Indications point out Fischer is being haunted by American law enforcements agencies as well as global civilian prosecutors representing terror victims throughout the world in addition to an internal (INSTEX) interrogation.

His former partner also claims, Fischer understands better today, the terrible mistakes and wrong decisions he had made in this respect, and is now considering to halt his activity and efforts to aid Iran, in order comply with the legal society and its representatives.

We will continue to monitor Fischer’s moves and behavior as soon as he pops up again in public.