Direct US-IRAN commerce under German hospice more than likely – the price we pay under the Corona mist

Fundel will funnel the funds…

Who would have thought? The whole idea of US sanctions against Iranian efforts to achieve nuclear capabilities and regional control through terror was to claim a high price from whoever has the audacity to trade with Iran as well as the US, or even use US currency or infrastructure. But the Germans will not have it, not in a thousand years. Alleged bilateral commerce relations between Germany and Iran are improving steadily, despite of sanctions and Corona. Michael Tockuss, senior board member of the DIHK, tells us that during the first quarter of 2020, Iranian banks have had a better performance than their German counterparts in creating infrastructure and financing exports, and now there are enough financial resources to carry out larger projects.

How did that happen? INSTEX alone cannot do it, and not for the lack of trying. Michael Bock is always willing to line his pockets, but this was far beyond his capabilities. Tockuss, on the other hand, found a way to completely circumvent US sanctions. Tockuss convinced Simon Tiberius Fundel, a guru of Cryptocurrency and CEO of a capable company, to be a voluntary member of the board of AHK in Iran. Voluntary, mind you, because even Fundel doesn’t want to fail on US sanctions. AHK Iran, like any AHK, is promoted by the German Government to enable Iranian trade with Germany. AHK Iran is also working closely under German DIHK, that promotes German trade with Iran. This part is simple – Fundel will funnel the funds for German-Iranian Trade, partly through INSTEX. Moreover, Cryptocurrency will enable Iran to provide the unofficial paybacks for Tockuss and Bock.

Facts and figures are the core of trade relations, and Reuters published recently that German-Iranian trade for the first quarter of 2020 reached almost 400 million Euros. This might include the INSTEX deal from March 31th, but clearly not all the 400 million are accounted for. Cryptocurrency enables them to pay for any back to back deal without being able to track the money back to Iran. This channel enables Tockuss and Bock to buy even US products, allegedly for Germany, circumventing US sanctions. Thing is, Germany is promoting AHK activity in the US as well in Iran, and there are several AHKs in the States. Allegedly there is no connection between AHKs, except by German proxy. Now Fundel provides them with the financial means to pay everyone involved without connecting them directly. What a show!

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