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There is a reason why the U.S. seeks to extend the U.N.-sponsored arms embargo against Iran and it has become increasingly evident over the last few months, as it prepares to expire before year-end.

According to the Russian publication, Avia.Pro, the Iranians will seek to acquire some of the latest military technology, including cutting edge weapons from the Russian Federation.

“Over the next few months, U.N. sanctions will be lifted from Iran, which will allow this country to acquire various kinds of weapons. Contrary to Washington’s calls to tighten sanctions on the Islamic Republic, Russia has strongly opposed this and is already preparing to sell weapons to Iran that will defeat the United States and its allies,” the publication said.

Citing a statement from the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, Avia.Pro pointed out that the Russian Federation has been one of Iran’s most vocal defenders against Washington’s call for an arms embargo extension.

“I see no reason to impose an arms embargo on Iran. Technically, it was not even an embargo, but a certain quota for the purchase. This restriction expires on October 18 and period. For us it is clear,” the Russian ambassador said, as quoted by the TASS News Agency.

According to Avia.Pro, Iran could spend billions of dollars acquiring Russia’s Pantsir-S air defense system, along with their latest S-400 system, which is only used by the Turkish Armed Forces in the Middle East.

“At present, of particular interest to Iran may be the Russian Pantsir-S air defense systems, electronic warfare systems, S-400 air defense systems, fighter jets and combat helicopters, and by the end of this year Iran could well spend several billions of dollars on the acquisition of Russian weapons,” they said.

They would add that the expiration of the arms embargo might also allow Iran to improve their air force by acquiring a number of latest generation fighter aircraft.

“Iran is well aware that its military aviation is already so morally obsolete that it cannot be used even against opponents in the region, not to mention the United States. Obviously, Tehran is already considering the possibility of acquiring the Russian Su-30SM and MiG-35, as well as long-range air defense systems that can hit enemy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles,” Avia.Pro said, citing a military specialist.

Source » almasdarnews

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