Iranian Commander says Iran is ready to attack the enemy

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IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

IRGC – Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps

A day after a rocket was fired at the Green Zone in Baghdad near the US embassy, Iranian commander Ali Hajilou said that the US and “enemies” of Iran were incapable of defeating the country. He asserted that the US currently does not have the military power to strike at Iran, a claim that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) said last week as well.

He claimed that the country’s northwestern region was prepared for any attacks. Hajilou described Iran’s recent military history and its aid in the battle against ISIS as examples of its strength. He argued that the US has been using “media warfare” to threaten Iran, to weaken morale and scare Iranians. But Iran is stronger than the US in the region, he implied, noting that “our sphere of influence reaches the Mediterranean.” He also said Iran would respond to any aggression. If the US attacks it, they will be severely damaged.
Other Iranian commanders were quoted by Tasnim News bragging about the greatness of the country’s armed forces. They each argued that Iran has increased its military competence in recent years. “Thanks to the efforts to modernize the armed forces the country, Iran has made remarkable progress,” one commander said. This includes advanced missiles and drones.

The comments are aimed at reassuring the Iranian people that the US rhetoric will not spill into full-scale war. It comes as the US continued to threaten Iran, and after US President Donald Trump said that Iran’s regime could be destroyed. Iran’s leaders want to put on a brave face because they know that in reality, their technology is no match for the US and any confrontation is rooted in keeping the public on the side of the IRGC and its ground forces.

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