Two federal courts at New York and Washington are investigating about complaints by victims of terrorism and US administration against the Iranian regime.

At New York City, the federal court of Manhattan has started to examine the U.S complaint. The assistant of the US attorney said: Alavi foundation which possess most of the stock of the 35 floor building in the 5th avenue, despite being aware that ASA company that belongs to this foundation worked with Iran Meli Bank, has ignored U.S. sanctions against this bank and this is why they request the confiscation of the building which its price is estimated about 800 million dollars.

At Washington DC the federal court will review the complaint of 34 families of victims of terrorism and violence in Iraq, against the Iranian regime.

These families said that they were harmed by 16 terrorist attacks and explosions in Iraq from 2004 to 2009. They claim that the Iranian regime funds, trains, consult and provide arms for terrorist organizations including Hezbollah and Ansar-al-Islam who committed these terrorist operations.

Lawyers of complainants said by tracing bank money transaction towards terrorists, they can prove that the Iranian regime was behind these terrorist groups.

Until now, 9 European banks have admitted that they have illegally provided money to Iranian banks.

Source » ncr-iran