The Iranian Revolutionary Guards issued a statement on the 31st anniversary of the death of the leader of the Iranian Revolution, Ayatollah Ruoallah Khomeini, affirming his firm determination to preserve the country’s defense and deterrent capabilities and make all-out efforts to develop it to the maximum extent with the other armed forces in the country.

In its statement, the Revolutionary Guards considered unity, brotherhood, and cohesion between the armed forces, acumen and vigilance towards malicious attempts at enemies to stir up the dispute between the Revolutionary Guards and the army, among the strategic recommendations of the two imams of the Islamic Revolution (Khomeini and Khamenei) that included sustainable national security and stability for the Iranian people, according to the Mehr Agency Iranian.

The statement added: “Despite the diabolical will of the hegemonic and Zionist regime and their malicious inner tails, the intellectual system of Imam Khomeini is moving forward, led by his successor, the Righteous, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, in the path of the revolution movement, the state, and the great Iranian people towards the supreme, lofty, history-making goals, and the lever of the banner of awakening and anti-resistance. For arrogance all over the world. ”

The Revolutionary Guards affirmed its intention to preserve the country’s defensive and deterrent capabilities and make all-out efforts to upgrade them to the maximum level with other armed forces, intelligence and vigilance towards the malicious attempts of enemies to stir up the dispute between the army and the Revolutionary Guards, adding that “the approach of resistance and resilience today extended to enemies, especially the United States.”

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