The Iranian judiciary has initiated a legal case against Hossein Pakdel, a playwright and theater director, for allegedly “disrupting the psychological security of society” as crackdowns on dissent continue.

Pakdel’s Instagram post suggested that politics transform “stupid men into special diet cutlets”. The term “cutlet” gained notoriety following the death of IRGC commander Qassem Soleimani in a 2020 US drone strike, which left his body mutilated.

The crackdown has intensified in the wake of the helicopter crash that killed President Ebrahim Raisi and several companions in East Azarbaijan province last month. The incident, which led to widespread public celebrations, was seen by many as a repudiation of Raisi’s oppressive policies with the government responding harshly to the expressions of joy.

Dozens were detained for their online celebrations, actions that the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office claimed were necessary to maintain social order.

He is one of dozens of public figures from fields such as entertainment and sport to be heavily punished as the government fights ongoing dissent in the wake of the 2022 uprising. Many have been punished not only with prison sentences but with the likes of bank account freezes, travel bans, pay cuts and working bans.

Source » iranintl