Iran is trying to gain a foothold in Libya, within the Islamic Republic’s desire to expand its influence in the region. It just wants to share the Libyan cake with its two allies, namely Turkey and Qatar.


The Iranian regime has done everything to support the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA). This support is part of Iranian attempts to expand the Islamic Republic’s influence in North Africa, in general.

Iran is aware that the success of the Libyan National Army in capturing Libyan capital Tripoli and ending the presence of the terrorist militias controlling it will sabotage its ambitions in Libya, in particular, and in North Africa, in general.

Expanding influence

An Iranian research center has recently recommended a number of moves for the Iranian government to take to maintain Iranian influence in Libya.

The center recommended that Tehran support the GNA, which will give Iran the chance to boast that it is working within the bounds of international legitimacy, given the fact that the GNA is internationally-recognized.

The center also recommended that Iran follows the situation on the ground in Libya closely so that it can be prepared for all future scenarios.

Support tools

In May 2019, Iran sent rockets to the GNA, whose photos were later published by the militias controlling Tripoli. These rockets raised speculation about the military support offered by Iran to the GNA.

Some people say Iranian arms are being heavily used by the GNA militias in their war against the Libyan National Army.

In April 2019, a ship loaded with Iranian arms was spotted off the coast of the northern Libyan city of Misurata.

The same ship sent messages to all regional powers that Iran is using its tools in Libya.

Iran just wants to have a piece of the Libyan cake by getting a share of Libya’s oil.

Source » theportal-center