The Alma Research and Education Center reported on Thursday that two organizations in France, referred to as “Al-Ghadir,” and “Imam Al Khoei,” could possibly be used to “spread the dangerous ideology of the radical Shi’ite axis led by Iran to youngsters and adults alike.”

The report states that the axis aims to develop “an active civilian and military integrated infrastructure,” as a possible terror base on European soil.

These reports and activities all appear to to be part of the movement referred to as “Ahlul Bayt” that was established in 1990.

The Alma Research Center has stated that it will continue to examine whether these organizations serve as an outlet to promote “indoctrination and radical ideology linked to terrorist activities.”

However, France is reportedly unaware of these organizations and their affiliation to the Shi’ite axis, but has kept a close eye and sometimes closing down religious institutions and organizations with some even linked to the activities of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, according to the press release by the Alma Research Center.

The Alma Research Center is a non-profit organization whose goal is to educate on geopolitical conflicts in the Middle East and make this information accessible to English-speakers, according to their website.

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