Iran official threatens U.S. – You Will Soon Kneel In Front Of Iranian Nation

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The spokesman of Iran’s foreign ministry, Abbas Mousavi tells the United States, “You will soon kneel in front of Iranian Nation”, in a tweet responding to U.S. officials.

Abbas Mousavi on Friday tweeted in English attacking statements made recently by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. Special Representative for Iran Brian Hook who had voiced satisfaction about the severe impact of American sanctions on Iran.

Mousavi said, “A Govt whose policy is relying on ‘knee on neck’ of either its own people or others around the world should be indeed happy w/#EconomicTerrorism &pressure on the public. But you see that not the Iranians’ neck, but your knee was wrung”.

Sanctions imposed by President Donald Trump’s administration since 2018 have deprived the country of its vital oil revenues and severely impacted its economy, causing devaluation and high inflation. Trump wants Iran to renegotiate a nuclear agreement it made with world powers in 2015, aimed at limiting its ability to build atomic weapons.

Iranian officials have frequently referred to protests in the United States in the past two weeks after the killing of George Floyd by a police officer. They have used the opportunity to portray the U.S. government as unjust and violent.

While president Trump has called on Iran to negotiate, Washington has increased the pressure of sanctions on Tehran, which apparently counts on the U.S. elections to see Trump out of office with the hope of receiving sanctions relief.

Source » radiofarda

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