Fazel Lankarani, a government affiliated cleric from Ali Khamenei’s faction called a ban over 2030 UNESCO document signed in by the government of president Hassan Rouhani, he stated: The pen that has written this document, is blasphemous.

Khamenei’s faction affiliated newspaper “Keyhan” has also written, according to given commitment, the existing minister of education and training must apply 2030 document to education and training to evolve, revise and overhaul foundation of education.

Hassan Rouhani, in his Instagram page has posted a document without any description, which indicates this document has been forwarded to Khamenei’s office, judiciary and parliament constitution deputy with under signature of Isaac Jahangiri on September 15, 2016.

ISNA government affiliated news agency has written underneath of this document without naming “Khamenei’s office”: “This document indicates that in addition to executive branch, judiciary and parliament were aware about the details of this document, but no one had any objection to its implementation”.

The publication of this document, contrary to Khamenei’s claims, judiciary and parliament, once again fueled war of fractions. “Troublemaker” and “enemy infiltrators” were among the things that Rouhani have gotten.

At the same time, Khamenei has engaged his entourage and sent the state media to the scene to attack Rouhani and the 2030 document: Cleric Ahmad Salek in a contradictory statement, while acknowledging that “this document has been signed and communicated in September of last year, implementation of some of its articles are” attacks on the clerics government, implementation of such cases are “the movements of the enemy”, added: “One of the enemies ways in arranging contracts is to influence our fundamental believes. So, we could have gotten engaged in some trades, economics, energy, ballistic missiles, international businesses and etc. contracts, however, the 2030 document contract is such, that with its implementation is going to be no more values left in the country. This the same as infiltration of enemy”.

Cleric Ali Salimi, member of the House Education Committee, said: “various aspects of the 2030 document should be scrupulously examined. The raised question is that, whether the IRGC affiliated militia military training in the schools is evidence of violence and the culture of violence is a true testimony? These are questions that need to be answered”.

Government affiliated “Keyhan” newspaper without mentioning the date of this document of last year, has blamed Rouhani and written: “The executive branch has lined up all its resources in a psychological war against society that the implementation of document 2030 is not mandatory”.

At least country’s first vice-president cannot deny the document, which is signed up by him and the records is not disputable….If we accept government’s protection claim, this protection is very general and does not identifies, with what portion of the document 2030, Islamic Republic disagrees. So, general protection is not acceptable from any country, they are obligated to implement whole document. So that same condition for CRC document in 1995, was not accepted and the United Nations announced the entry into force of this convention for Iran”.

Source » ncr-iran