The operation has been launched in Sarvabad County on the border with Iraqi Kurdistan.

General Mohammad Taqi Usanlu, a local IRGC commander, said the Kusalan mountains in Sarvabad County have turned into a safe haven for members of the counter-revolutionary groups. “Unfortunately, people belonging to anti-revolutionary groups had been harassing the people in this area for several years, and this action was taken in order to ensure the safety and comfort of the people,” he said, according to Tasnim.

He added, “The people belonging to the anti-revolutionary groups have made these areas, which have a pristine nature and are suitable for cattle breeding and have a vital value for the people, their foothold and made the people feel insecure and abandon their cattle breeding.”

General Usanlu said the groups in questions harmed the livestock of the people. “One of the main reasons for this issue has been the insecurity created by anti-revolutionary groups. However, thanks to the efforts of the forces of the Martyr Shahir Amfar headquarters and the Beit al-Maqdis army, this area has been cleared and the rest of these people who have hidden themselves are being cleared,” he added.

General Usanlu warned, “The cleansing of these headquarters will continue until the elimination of the last person of these people. These germs of corruption that cause insecurity for the people must be annihilated and the people must also help us in this matter.”

He said, “The presence of these terrorists had disturbed people’s security and people should help to create and improve security and live a peaceful life.”

General Usanlu stated, “Establishing security will bring peace and it will be possible for these terrorists who have disturbed the peace of the people to be obliterated and not be present in the region.”

The new operation in Kurdistan Province came amid Iranian efforts to expel Iranian Kurdish anti-revolutionary groups from Iraqi Kurdistan.

In late May, a senior commander of the IRGC said Iraq had made a commitment to disarm and drive out anti-Iranian militants operating in the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region.

“We are waiting for the Iraqi government to keep its promises, and we have given them a chance to get rid of the terrorists. Otherwise, and if nothing is done, the IRGC strikes would continue,” Brigadier General Mohammad Pakpour, commander of the IRGC Ground Force, stated.

When asked by Tasnim if there is a limit in months or days, the general responded that the Iraqi government itself is aware of the time limit.
The IRGC has conducted a number of airstrikes on the terrorists’ hideouts in Iraqi Kurdistan since September 24, 2022.

The IRGC has demanded the Kurdistan autonomous region and the Iraqi central government to fulfill their obligations to Iran and take the crucial steps to safeguard the border.

Source » tehrantimes