Iran is preparing to deliver more oil to Venezuela, despite threats from the United States about more sanctions, the Reuters News Agency reported.

“Iran may send two or three shipments per month in regular sales of gasoline to Venezuela,” noting that it is a clear challenge to U.S. President Donald Trump.

Reuters said their two sources explained said that Iran is planning to expand their influence into South America by developing their relations with Venezuela, who has relied on the Islamic Republic recently for fuel.

There was no response to requests for comment from the Revolutionary Guards, the Iranian Ministry of Oil, the National Oil Company, and the oil and media ministries in Venezuela.

Iran sent five oil tankers to Venezuela at the end of May, expressing its willingness to continue its oil shipments to the Latin American country, if Caracas requests more.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro said after the arrival of Iranian oil tankers, he will raise fuel prices, as the price of oil derivatives in the country was almost zero last month.

Source » almasdarnews