Iran is lying and advancing their missile and nuclear technology with Obama money

First of all, it is not an international treaty because President Barack Obama did not have it verified by the Senate because he knew it had no chance of passing. Iran didn’t even sign the treaty.

North states that the International Atomic Energy Agency has confirmed that the nuclear-related commitments are being followed by Iran; the only problem is that Iran is doing its own testing. Iran won’t let the IAEA inspect its military bases; therefore, it is naive, absurd and ignorant to believe the Iranians are being truthful and are following the protocol they agreed to. They are still testing missiles and spreading terror with the cash Obama sent them.

The only reason the European Union and the U.K. support the agreement is money; doing business with Iran is business that is lucrative for now, but it will be harmful in the long run. North is praying for leaders with character, and I’m praying that he will open his eyes and mind to the facts and the truth. God bless America.

Source » omaha

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