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Bahman group was founded in 1952 under the title of Iran Khalij Co. Joint Stock Company as a transportation operator and customs clearance agent. In 1959 the company started the assembly of Mazda three-wheel pick-up with the cargo capacity of 200 Kg and later in 1971 by increasing the investment, the company increased range of products to Mazda with cargo capacities

According to the decision made in the General Extraordinary Assembly of Shareholders the company changed name from Khalij Co. to Mazda Automobile manufacturing in 1971. Later in1984, Mazda pick-up 1600 cc added to the products of the company and it changed name to Iran Vanet Company. In 1986-1987 the company started producing Mazda pick-up 1800 cc and as of the beginning of 1993 upon the privatization of the company, the activities of the company were considerably expanded to include production increase, designing and producing Mazda passenger car and Mazda pick-up

In 1999, the decision made in the General Extraordinary Assembly of Shareholders for changing articles of association marked a turning point in the history of company and by changing name to Bahman Group as a holding company its activities were expanded to include the productive, commercial and investment activities

In 2004, Bahman group, with the purpose of producing light, semi heavy, heavy trucks and minibus, has stepped into production of commercial vehicles by founding Bahman Diesel Company and producing trucks under the Isuzu brand in Japan. After a short time, this company seized the market for these types of commercial vehicles and gained glories such as the best automaker and one of the top 100 companies in the country

In 2005, with the commission of two-differential Pajero assembly line under the brand of Mitsubishi in Japan, Bahman Group entered the SUV market. In 2006, in order to modernize transportation fleet in the country, Bahman Group produced the first series of passenger vans called Narvan.

In 2007, Bahman Group began to produce Mazda 3 to develop and expand its products along with modern technology. In the same year, in order to diversify the product portfolio and by founding the Application Center, it has placed on the agenda the design and production of all types of application of Isuzu trucks

Siba Motor Company was founded in 2007. Two large industrial groups, Bahman Group and Iran Tractor Industrial Group, are shareholders of Siba Motor Company. Production and sale of single or double-axle tractors and heavy or semi-heavy trucks are the products of the company

Continuing its upward trend, Bahman Group managed to produce Capra pick-up double cabin in both single-and-double-differential in 2009. Also it could produce Japan’s Isuzu minibus called Sahar and introduced New Mazda 3 to the market along with the rest of the world in 2010

Bahman Group try hard to ensure its development by strategy, policies, and early actions. In this regard, it has been successful in obtaining rare records by operating production lines for different kinds of vehicles required for the country, types of chassis, production of industrial and casting pieces, types of motorcycles, bicycle, and also by doing commercial activities and different investments

Bahman Group has opened up the field of oil industry by construction project of super-heavy oil refinery in Qeshm with the purpose of producing bitumen and other petroleum products. Also it tries to meet the interest of stakeholders by earning high profits in financial investment, presenting in new shares’ initial offering, buying fundamental companies’ stocks, and effective presence in financial intermediation

It should be noted that Bahman Group is the first automaker company that managed to get green pl.

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