Iran’s government film watchdog has warned producers that if they give roles to actresses who have removed their hijab in public, their films could be banned.

Films, music, books and art in general is strictly regulated, monitored and controlled by the Islamic government in Iran. Films or TV shows must first get a production permit to make sure they are in sync with the official ideology and religious restrictions. After a film is produced it is reviewed again for a screening permit.

Some websites in Iran on Sunday published the copy of a letter sent to film producers by Habib Eilbaygi a deputy in the government film watchdog, dubbed Cinema Organization. In the letter he says that producers “should refrain from employing” individuals who have been outspoken on the issue of hijab and “have ignored the country’s laws.”

Anti-hijab and anti-regime protests erupted in Iran in September 2022 after Mahsa Amini, a young woman was arrested in the street by the notorious ‘morality police’ and received fatal head injuries during here detention and later died in hospital.

Many celebrities, including actors and sports figures came out in support of the protests angering the regime. Dozens of women among them also removed their headscarves in public, a direct show of defiance against the ruling clerics.

Following the protests tens of thousands of ordinary women now walk in streets without hijab for the first time since the early 1980s.

Hardliners dominating all branches of government are now trying to restore their control and force women to observe hijab rules.

Source » iranintl