Germany has expelled an Iranian cleric who was the deputy head of the Islamic Center in Hamburg (IZH) from the country for his support for Shiite extremist and terrorist organizations.

According to a report by German newspaper Hamburger Morgenpost on Friday, Soleiman Mousavifar was served with a so-called expulsion order and has to leave Germany immediately or he will face deportation to his home country Iran.

In addition, an entry and residence ban was also imposed on him and if he violates the ban, he can face up to three years in prison.

According to the German authorities, Mousavifar, who shared Shiite extremist propaganda videos on Facebook, supports militant and terrorist organizations and has maintained links to two fundraising organizations working for Iran-backed Hezbollah – banned in Germany — as well as close contacts with its representatives in Lebanon.

A Senator in Hamburg, Andy Grote told the “Bild” newspaper that “Anyone who demonstrably supports terrorist organizations or terrorist financiers represents a serious threat to our security. From my point of view, the immediate consequence could only be expulsion.”

Earlier in the year, the Hamburg Shura Council — an association of Muslim organizations that represents around 40 mosque communities and other Islamic institutions in the city — removed the IZH from its board of directors for allegations that the center is Iran’s “long terrorist arm” in Europe.

In July, the German Office for the Protection of the Constitution also found evidence that the head of the IZH – known as Iran’s most “important propaganda center” — Mohammad Hadi Mofatteh, is himself a member of the Revolutionary Guards.

Source » trackpersia