MahMonir Molaei, mother of Kian Pirfalak and cousin of Pouya Molaei who was murdered by the Islamic Republic a few days ago, is summoned to the MOIS in Izeh. Sajjad Pirfalak, uncle of Kian, is arrested and his social media accounts are deactivated. College students in Tehran are attacked and arrested. The entire family of Abolfazl Adinehzadeh, a teenager who was killed in Iran Revolution, were arrested a day before his birthday. Their lawyer was arrested after tweeting about the family and their “violent arrest!”

Islamic Republic atrocities against Iranians are endless and the terrorist regime continues its reign of terror in a global scale. Meanwhile, US and other world leaders keep appeasing Khamenei and his goons while trumpeting their “Human Rights” slogans every chance they get.

US has allowed Iraq to pay $2.76B of its arrears for importing gas and electricity from Iran to the Islamic Republic. Even though the money is earmarked for “haj and basic goods such as foodstuffs,” it shows the US is easing on its sanctions and giving in to the terrorist regime. US did not reveal what they received in return, but a day after the news broke about the “deal”, Khamenei doubled down on the weak stance of the West: “There is nothing wrong with the agreement (with the West), but the infrastructure of our nuclear industry should not be touched!”

This is both a threat and proposal. Khamenei knows the sanctions have crippled the regime and the rampant poverty will spark rounds of protests to the point of its ruin, therefore, signaling he’s ready for a “deal!” On the other hand, he’s not backing down from regime’s threatening tone. He continued his speech by saying: “Nobody could stop us if we wanted a nuclear weapon!”

Khamenei’s audacity is rooted at Western powers’ policy. Islamic Republic has been brutally cracking down peaceful protests, providing Russia with drones killing Ukrainians, and expanding its ballistic missile program, with recently unveiling a “hypersonic Fattah” missile. It even put-up banners throughout Tehran, in 3 languages, threatening the existence of Israel: “400 seconds to Tel Aviv!”

But Belgium invites Zakani, Tehran City Mayor and an affiliate of IRGC, to shake hands with Brussels’ Mayor and other officials at the heart of Europe, where they released a terrorist not too long ago! Saudi Arabia sends its Foreign Minister to Tehran to “strengthen ties” which were mediated by China in the first place.

Meanwhile, Raisi, aka “Butcher of Tehran”, goes to Venezuela where he announces US as the “common enemy!”

US and Europeans have been using the “nuclear deal” as an excuse to give in to mullahs for years and have been playing with the idea of stopping the regime from “ever achieving nuclear weapons.” During US’ 2020 presidential elections, Joe Biden was adamant that he could make a deal to stop the regime and his administration has been talking nonstop in different settings that “Iran will never reach a nuclear weapon!” However, in reality, the regime has accelerated its enrichment with IAEA unable to get a straight answer about many questionable activities in “secret sites!”

US and Europe could talk the talk but, unfortunately, it seems they are incapable of walking the walk! With Khamenei’s signal and Raisi’s condemnation of the US, the standoff remains intact while the regime continues enriching uranium to any level it desires, sends as many drones as it can to Russia, even build a drone factory in Russia, receive missiles and other weaponry from Russia in return, make deals with China and Saudi Arabia and kills Iranians with complete impunity, while US lifts sanctions or not take them seriously and giving in to the theocrats!

US needs to rally its allies in EU to designate the IRGC as a terrorist organization, as they are and increase its pressure on the Islamic Republic instead of bending over backwards to any demands the regime makes.

Iran Revolution continues, even though the western media and world powers have forgotten it. Women of Iran are being harassed into subjugation every day, but they do not back down from their rights. University students have begun another round of strikes and protests. Any spark could flare up the wrath of Iranians while the EU and US trying to get closer to the terrorist regime!

Source » irantrue