A 37 years old prisoner died due to lack of medical attention and transport to the hospital in central prison of Sotheastern city of Zahedan on Saturday, June 17 around 13:00hour.

According to obtained reports, Naqib Altaz Qanbarzehi had been arrested at age of 17, and was in jail for 20 years. He was suffering from a heart condition. After 20 years of imprisonment in Evin prison, he was transferred to Zahedan central prison, about a week ago. He and eight others were arrested on charges of drug possession. Those eight people were executed. He was on death row for 20 years, until, Saturday that he passed away in Zahedan central prison, due to the lack of medical treatment.

At the same time, another prisoner, 17 years of age Said Gholami, who is suffering from severe mental disorders, was arrested 8 days ago in the city of Saravan for regime’s blasphemy. He was imprisoned in ward # 2 of Zahedan central prison. He was brutally tortured using cables by two interrogators, so that his whole body was bloody, bruised and bleeding on Sunday, June 18, 2017. According to eye witnesses his brutal torture was so immense, that he was transferred to the Zahedan prison’s clinic. They have described his situation very acute in the prison.

The torturers, who brutally tortured this mentally impaired prisoner were guard officer Mehdi Jahan-Tiq and an IRGC officer, named Moshtaq.

These two torturers are well known for rootlessness and brutality of torturing political and ordinary prisoners in the central prison of Zahedan. They have certain reputation for tortures such that, they are named as Hangmen in prison.Above named prisoner’s family had earlier given his impairment certificate to prison officials, and his behavior during his residency in prison was very obvious to all, that he was suffering from severe mental disorder.

Source » ncr-iran