The consequences of remarks made by Iranian regime leader Ali Khamenei, encouraging Basijis and soft-war officers to independently make decisions and swing into action at their own will, are emerging as more repression and heavier atmosphere of fear.

In one instance, the so-called ‘Hezbollah Coordination Council’ consisting of Basijis and plaintiff vigilantes has announced that allowing women into stadiums is against the Islamic law.

According to state-run ILNA news agency, Hossein Allahkaram, the council chair, has released a statement on Instagram dedicated to ‘Friday Prayer Hezbollah Students’.

In their statement, the state militias have pointed to attacks on offices and headquarters of political groups and movements following the 1979 anti-monarchy revolution, and repressing university students and professors as part of their activities.

The group has declared that they’re seeking to execute clause ‘M’ of the will belonging to Iranian regime founder Khomeini.

“Tehran Friday Prayer Hezbollah Students Group has been formed just like the early days following the revolution”, reads the statement, “to enact Imam Khamenei’s fire-at-will order as well as clause M of Khomeini’s will. The group consists of students who take part in Tehran Friday Prayers.”

Having released photos of their gathering to collect signatures, the group calls on regime’s judiciary to deal with the issue of allowing women into stadiums to watch volleyball matches, warning that they would otherwise be forced to act based on clause ‘M’ of Khomeini’s will as well as Khamenei’s fire-at-will order.

Clause ‘M’ of Khomeini’s will encourages regime forces to directly go into action and take necessary measures in case state bodies fail to properly deal with what’s considered to be against regime’s interests.

In the meantime, Mashhad Friday Prayer Imam and Khamenei’s representative in the city ‘Ahmad Alamolhoda’ has said on Friday June 16 “fire-at-will means not to wait for orders from anyone or anywhere. This (fire-at-will) order clearly defines responsibilities of all bodies, including executive and judiciary ones.”

Meanwhile, Shiraz Friday Prayer Imam Assadollah Imani has also pointed to this same issue, saying “fire-at-will order is neither weakening state bodies nor the government, but it’s just getting involved in issues which others tend to avoid.”

Source » ncr-iran