Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah revealed that numerous militia groups from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and other countries have expressed readiness to send thousands of fighters to support Hezbollah in Lebanon if the conflict with Israel intensifies into full-scale war.

The announcement comes amidst heightened tensions following ongoing exchanges of fire along Lebanon’s border with northern Israel, triggered in part by a Hamas-led assault on southern Israel earlier this month.

Nasrallah’s remarks, made in a speech on Wednesday, underscored Hezbollah’s preparedness amid recent hostilities.

He acknowledged offers from various militia leaders but noted that Hezbollah already boasts over 100,000 fighters, suggesting their current capabilities may suffice. However, Nasrallah hinted at the potential for broader engagement, citing past statements indicating readiness to partner with fighters from multiple countries in the event of all-out war.

Officials from Iran-backed groups in Lebanon and Iraq have corroborated these sentiments, asserting that fighters from across the Middle East are poised to join Hezbollah if conflict escalates along the Lebanon-Israel border. Many of these fighters are reportedly already deployed in Syria and could readily move across the porous border into Lebanon.

The prospect of foreign fighters aligning with Hezbollah underscores broader regional tensions, with groups from the so-called “axis of resistance” emphasizing a unified strategy across multiple conflict zones until Israel ceases its offensive in Gaza. Despite these assertions, specifics regarding the timing and extent of potential military deployments remain undisclosed, with officials preferring anonymity due to the sensitivity of discussing military matters.

Experts on Hezbollah suggest that while current engagements rely heavily on advanced technology like missiles and drones, a prolonged war scenario could necessitate additional manpower from outside Lebanon. .

Source » i24news