Iran’s Revolutionary Guard commander says enemies should know that the Iranian people will not allow separatists to challenge the country’s security.

“Today’s colonialism has used all its efforts and resources to create division and insecurity in Islamic countries, and it is necessary to be ready against such an attack,” claimed Hossein Salami.

He acknowledged that the Islamic Republic has many enemies, a favorite collective term of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to refer to the United States, Israel, US allies in the region and in Europe.

His comments come amid the reports that the regime has deployed heavy military equipment to the Kurdish regions of the country in the west.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nasser Kanaani, however, played down the actions, and claimed that sending extensive military equipment to the Kurdish regions is among “the normal actions of the armed forces of the Islamic Republic to create security at the borders.”

Since October last year, the IRGC has bombed the positions of Kurds opposing the Islamic Republic in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan on several occasions.

These attacks came as Tehran accused Kurdish opposition groups of inciting nationwide protests in Iran.

In March, Ali Shamkhani, the then Secretary of Iranian Supreme National Security Council, signed a security agreement with Iraq during his trip to the Arab country to end the activities of the opponents of the Islamic Republic in the Kurdistan Region.

Source » iranintl