On Sunday, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards unveiled its “latest advanced weapons which included anti-armor, anti-fortification, and missile launchers.”

The head of the Revolutionary Guards’ Self-Sufficiency and Research Organization, Brigadier General Ali Kohestani, announced, in statements to the Tasnim News Agency that three new weapons were produced in the organization, stressing that they will ‘surprise’ the world.

He continued: “These weapons were designed and produced by the Revolutionary Guards’ ground force specialists, and they have successfully passed all of their tests. There are two of these weapons ready for delivery to industry for mass production.”

He stressed that these weapons include the “Qarah”, a bunker anti-fortress missile launcher; an anti-armor missile launcher “Nafez 2”; and a sniper rifle “Ashtar”.

The Qarah anti-fortress missile launcher is an attack missile launcher whose structure consists of composite materials and is used one time only.

This missile launcher operates in two effective stages in clearing enemy buildings and destroying its fortifications.

The missile launcher weighs 8 kg and can be easily carried by infantry units and soldiers.

The weapon also uses soft launch technology. This weapon was used from a caliber 80 mm weapon with a useful range of 250 to 300 meters, and the production cost is about one tenth of the price of its counterpart The foreigner.

Another weapon is the Nafez-2 anti-armor missile launcher, which was designed based on the SPG-9 anti-armor weapon and its structure is composed of composite materials, and the weight of the weapon has been reduced to 21 kg compared to SPG-9, and for production

The weight of Nafez 2 will be reduced to 19 kg, and this weapon will be used as a shoulder-carrying weapon against the armor.

As for the “Ashtar” weapon, it is a professional high-precision sniper rifle that uses 7.62 x 64 caliber. The ammunition store for this weapon can hold 5 rounds and its effective range is from 800 to 1000 meters.

Source » almasdarnews