As Iran’s President-elect Ebrahim Raisi is preparing to leave his post as chief justice, another political prisoner has been sentenced to death, Mehdi Mahmoudian, a journalist in Tehran tweeted.

The prisoner is one of thousands arrested during the November 2019 nationwide protests, when security forces shot and killed hundreds in the streets. Many other detained protesters received the death sentence, and some have been executed.

Mahmoudian has not published the name of the prisoner but has said that he was sentenced to death by branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court presided over by Iman Afshari, on charges of destroying public property during the protests. He added that the particular case file had eight defendants seven of which were sentenced to 3-7-year prison terms.

During Raisi’s tenure as chief justice and head of Iran’s Judiciary since early 2019, at least three political prisoners were executed and several were killed in prison or died of lack of medical attention. Many in Tehran and Shiraz have received the death sentence and are on death row. There are also multiple cases of torture of political prisoners and those detained during protests.

The Islamic Republic institutions engineered Raisi victory in the June 18 presidential vote, while he has one of the worst human rights records among senior officials. The President elect was a member of a “death panel” that carried out summary execution of up to 5,000 political prisoners in 1988.

Source » iranintl