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National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC)

The Iranian authorities announced that their institutions export oil derivatives to several countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe, including Arab and Gulf countries.

Amir Abbas Hamidi, the supervisor of the administration of the Iranian Customs Authority in the “Pars” economic zone for energy and oil derivatives located in southern Iran and overlooking the Gulf Sea, confirmed that Iranian institutions export oil to Arab and Gulf countries.

According to the Iranian Fars News Agency, the Pars region exported about 4.389 million tons of oil derivatives, at an estimated value of $ 1.09 billion in the last three months, from March 20 to June 20, 2020.

Iranian oil institutions exported oil derivatives to China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italy and Turkey, the official said.

In addition, Hamidi indicated that Iran had exported oil to several Arab countries, including Egypt, Kuwait and the UAE.

He noted the administration of the Iranian Customs Authority that exports of non-oil goods are witnessing steady growth despite restrictions and the US embargo sanctions.

According to Hamidi, exports included methanol, propane, butane, light and heavy polyethylene, gas condensate, ammonia, sulfur, styrene and crude oil with a value exceeding $1.09 billion, while the value of transit amounted to about 4,622,000 tons of products valued at $105 million and $818,000, all of them through the region with an estimated growth About 29% on an annual basis.

The Pars region contains a number of Iranian oil fields, such as the largest gas field, South Pars, which is the largest in the world, and is considered one of the most important export centers for non-oil and petrochemical products.

Iran has sent six oil tankers to Venezuela, expressing its willingness to continue its oil shipments to the Latin country, if Caracas requests more.

Source » almasdarnews

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