Abzar Boresh Kaveh Co, which appears to be a defense-related company, is also known as Kaveh Cutting Tools and Khorason Metallurgy Industry. It shares an address with Amin Industrial Group. Prior to Iran’s suspension of its centrifuge program in 2003, Kaveh Cutting Tools Co manufactured scoops, molecular pumps, and top flanges of centrifuges, all non-rotating components. It used high quality machine tools from European and other Western countries to make these centrifuge parts. Kaveh Cutting Tools also sells products commercially, including drills, taps, cutters, reamers, and compound tools. It is not known if this company made centrifuge components after the suspension ended in 2006.

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Abzar Boresh Kaveh Co. is named in a United Kingdom government list of Iranian individuals and entities subject to financial sanctions. Both the UK and Annex III of UN Security Council Resolution 1803 (2008) identify the firm as being involved in the production of centrifuge components. In 2009, the company was added to the U.S Treasury’s SDN list, which bans all interaction and transactions with the listed companies.

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