A court in the German city of Hamburg expelled an Iranian state official on grounds of terrorist activities.

According to the regime’s IRIB news agency on June 18, the Hamburg city court in Germany gave Soleiman Mousavifar, the deputy head of the Islamic Center in the city, three months to leave the country on charges of supporting terrorism and having ties to the Lebanese Hezbollah Party.

The Hamburger Morgen Post reported that the deputy director of the Hamburg Islamic Center (IZH) had been expelled from Germany. “Suleiman Mousavifar, deputy head of the Hamburg Islamic Center, supported terrorist organizations and shared promotional videos on Facebook,” the newspaper wrote.

According to the newspaper, he will face heavy fines if he does not leave Germany soon and could face up to three years in prison for breaking the law.

For years, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany’s main intelligence agency, has said Tehran is using the Imam Ali Mosque in Hamburg as a propaganda center to export the regime’s reactionary ideology to Europe.

Source » iranprobe