Iran to boost Syria’s air defenses

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Mohammad Bagheri

Mohammad Bagheri

Iran will consolidate military relations with Syria, including enforcing and developing the Syrian air defenses in the face of Israeli strikes, as part of a “comprehensive” military agreement signed Wednesday between Iran and Syria in Syrian capital Damascus.

The visiting Iranian Chief of Staff Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri made the remarks to reporters during the signing ceremony of the military agreement with Syrian Defense Minister Ali Abdullah Ayyoub.

The military agreement aims to enhance military and security cooperation between Syria and Iran on all levels.

Regarding the Israeli airstrikes on military targets in Syria, Bagheri said the Syrian army forces have strongly reacted against the Israeli violations, particularly the Israeli airstrikes.

Meanwhile, he declared a new development, which is enhancing and enforcing the Syrian air defenses. “I declare that Iran, from now on, will enhance the military relations between both countries including enforcing the Syrian air defenses,” he said.

In terms of the recent leaks about possible Iranian withdrawal from Syria, the Iranian official said the presence of Iranian forces in Syria is based on the request of the “legitimate Syrian government to defend the sovereignty of Syria.”

He added that the Iranian presence in Syria helped in fighting terrorist groups as well as serving the people and the Syrian army and government.

He noted that such a presence is irrelevant to the presence of foreign forces who came to Syria without the consent of the Syrian government.

For his part, Ayyoub hailed the Iranian-Syrian relations as strategic linked to the present and future of the region as Iran has been a crucial ally to the Syrian government since the beginning of the Syrian war.

He said those who are betting on sabotaging such relations must be “delusional” and should “wake up from their dreams.”

However, both sides stressed that signing the new agreement crowns years of military and security cooperation and coordination between the two sides on all levels.

In a statement read at the signing ceremony, both sides agreed that the signing of the new agreement will help in developing the defensive capabilities of both armies to face any foreign attacks.

They said coordination will continue between both countries to face the “growing” risks and challenges on top of which is to face terrorism that is “supported by regional and international powers.” Enditem

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