Mohammad Ali Ja’fari will remain as the IRGC commander for three more years

On Tuesday, July 4, Mohammad Ali Ja’fari, commander in chief of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), in a referral meeting in Tehran announced that upon Khamenei’s written order he will remain as the IRGC commander for three more years.

The news agencies affiliated to IRGC and terrorist Quds force published this news on July 4.

According to news, on Tuesday brigadier general Pasdar (Revolutionary Guard) Mohsen Kazemeini, commander of an IRGC corps so-called “Mohammad, the messenger of God” in greater Tehran was dismissed from his position and brigadier general Mohammad Reza Yazdi replaced him. The IRGC’s so-called “Mohammad, the messenger of God” has an important role in suppression of people’s uprising and protests in Tehran.

Meanwhile, Esmail Kousari, former member of the regime’s parliament, was appointed as the deputy commander of the Security Station of so-called Sarallah. Securing Tehran’s security in critical situations is the responsibility of this repressive headquarters.

Source » ncr-iran

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