Iran protests continue despite killings, chanting ‘Death to Dictator’

Recent killings of protesters in Iran by regime forces appear to have done little in stopping the growing movement calling for an end to the current political system.

A video from Borazjan, in the province of Bushehr, on July 8 shows a crowd of people allegedly protesting a lack of drinking water and chanting “Death to dictator.” Another video shows the growing crowd gathered in the streets.

The new phrase of the protests, “Death to dictator,” shows the escalation of the events. Previous protests often included chants of “Our incompetent government is responsible for our nation’s poverty! Our enemy is right here! They’re lying when they say it’s America!” or similar phrases. According to other reports, protesters in Borazjan chanted these phrases as well.

The protests are among many currently taking place in Iran, and they come on the heels of incidents on June 30 in Khorramshahr, where the Iranian regime allegedly began firing on protesters, who then allegedly captured firearms from regime forces and began fighting back.

Similar to the protests in Borazjan, the protests in Khorramshahr were in response to a lack of drinking water.

Babak Taghvaee, an author and journalist, wrote on Twitter on July 7: “Earlier this evening, the Friday Pray Leader of the #Borazjan tried to calm the protesters, but soon faced with their rage and fled. People are fed up with Shia clergy & Ayatollahs in #Iran.”

As this is taking place, women are similarly performing acts of defiance against the Iranian regime and publicly breaking its laws by removing their hijabs and dancing.

Among the figures are Maedeh Hojabri, an Iranian woman who was recently arrested by the Iranian regime for posting videos of herself dancing on Instagram. Her arrest sparked outrage among many anti-regime activists.

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