Mentioning the U.S. sanctions on the country’s shipping industry as well as the exports of oil products, Afifi-Pour noted that with the measures taken by the government not only the exports of such products did not decline but a 2.79-percent rise has also been registered, Tasnim news agency reported.

He said that since the beginning of this year up to July 5th, 331 vessels loaded or unloaded their cargoes comprised of oil products in Shahid Rajaie Port’s Persian Gulf oil terminal.

“Of these shipments, 52 four-million-ton cargoes including crude oil, condensate and MTBE were unloaded and 279 vessels were loaded with 4.1-million-ton cargoes comprised of oil products and hydrocarbons to deliver it to destinations all around the world,” the official explained.

According to the official, development projects in the country’s southern ports including Shahid Rajaei port’s Persian Gulf oil terminal are currently underway to increase the capacity of these ports.

Measures like attracting investors in the Persian Gulf oil terminal and also the construction of three new oil pier posts are among the important development projects pursued by the Ports and Maritime Organization this year, Afifi-Pour said.

These projects will increase the export capacity of oil products from Shahid Rajaei port by more than 30 percent in the near future, he stressed.

Source » tehrantimes